Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Oliver's Room Makeover

The Wilmington Central Rotary recently gave Oliver a room makeover, which has been a huge blessing to us. We've now been able to enjoy it for two months, and it has been AMAZING! The room is so calming and beautiful, and we spend more time than ever hanging out and enjoying the space.

Ollie's bedroom is our old master bedroom, as he was needing more and more space, and we realized we couldn't carry him up the stairs to his old bedroom for much longer. A few years ago we renovated the bathroom to install a handicap, zero-entry shower, but never got around  to doing much with his actual bedroom. All the hospital stays of the past year really threw us for a loop and redecorating his room was a luxury we just didn't have.

That’s where the amazing Rotary Club came in! They repainted, created custom window treatments, a cabana for reading and relaxing, added a sectional sofa with a pull-out bed for our nurses, a framed whiteboard for Oliver's Homebound Teachers, a new TV, new carpet and padding, new bedding and an incredibly custom closet built for holding all of his medical supplies. Wow! Their club descended on our house for two short days, sweated and worked so hard and left the place magical and beautiful.

Their incredible generosity has been humbling and life changing for our little family. Letting yourself be loved takes practice and humility. Andrew and I have gotten so much better at this over the years. When Oliver first got sick I never wanted to impose on others to bring food or help with laundry, but I have learned that it is their great joy to help. And as Oliver got more and more sick, it became abundantly clear that it was outside the scope of what we could do alone. Truly a village has helped to care for him. We have been stunned by the generosity of our church, the folks at Hope Community Church, the real estate industry as a whole and the Central Rotary.

A special thank you to Fred Krumpel, who has a heart the size of Texas and was patient with us through the design process. As you can imagine, Oliver's autism and sensory issues created all kinds of challenges. Fred was eager to think outside the box and create a space that was functional, safe and beautiful. We were deeply touched by the time and investment of his company, Strickland's Window Coverings.

I also have to quickly plug the carpet that Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company donated called SmartStrand by Mohawk. Due to Oliver's GI issues and medical challenges there are often big, hospital level messes created. So far this carpet has come completely clean when we use the steam cleaner as directed. It is a downright miracle! The carpet was actually tested out in a zoo(?!?) and came clean. Thank you to Fred and Chad at Crystal Carpet for bringing us such a functional and beautiful solution. Keeping the carpets clean has been one of my biggest challenges and now that little burden is gone. Poof! Now I want to get it put in the rest of my house!

Judy Coccoma, a dear friend and neighbor, custom made the window treatments and this super cool hanging cabana. Judy has been a part of Oliver's story for years now, gives meds on occasion and is always up for a neighborhood walk and a hug. She never ceases to amaze me with her sewing talents.

Our hope is to pay all of this forward someday. Thank you for loving us so well and PLEASE support these local businesses!
Wilmington Central Rotary
"Miracles of Rotary"

Vendor List:
Custom Colors
Crystal Carpet
Seams Inspired
Strickland's & "Strickland's Employees"
Kelley Winton (Carpet Installation)
Mill Outlet
Cape Fear Cleaning Solutions
Carole Sheffield
Mike and Amanda Baker

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