Monday, October 16, 2017

Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

Small business is so intertwined with family we can't imagine one without the other. It was such a blessing to have Oliver pop by for a brief visit during our grand opening, because we founded Lanier Property Group in part to be a blessing for him. We hoped LPG might provide for his eye-popping medical expenses, and (more importantly) would give us the flexibility to be with him when he needs us. As you can see, that day was a good one for our brave boy, and for a moment we didn't think about the labels and diagnoses. We were just a little family with a dream that (despite incredible challenges) has largely come true. We can't say thank you enough to both our work family and extended family for creating this company with us! Cheers to family, hard work and the dream of owning your own business ❤️🗝

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